Las Vegas hosts some of the most amazing nightclubs in the world. Just about every major hotel offers at least one super energized nightclub… Pretty much each one has its own identity, décor, energy and theme.

We’ve checked out many of them and it’s difzcult to recommend the best because truthfully, they each offer a different, invigorating experience. What we can honestly say is whichever club you choose to visit you won’t be disappointed. They are all an amazing assault on your senses!

If you’re looking for a great night out on the town you can’t go wrong with any that you choose.

Now that we’ve given you a general overview of what you might experience lets get down to the business side of things. Men will pay between $20 and $100 for the general admission cover charge. Women can get in for between $10 and $30. You might ask why the vast discrepancy? If you think about it for a moment – Men go where the Women are!

Additionally, these prices can greatly vary depending on numerous
circumstances such as night of the week, how popular the DJ is that is performing, holiday weekends such as New Years and others.

No matter how you cut it a night out on the town including a Las Vegas nightclub is not an inexpensive outing. But if you visit Las Vegas you might take the approach that you only live once!

The bottom line is there is nowhere else on the planet like Las Vegas. Sodom and Gomorrah and the Ringling Brothers Circus combined! Las Vegas gets 44M visitors a year. They come for numerous reasons ranging from conventions to gambling, sports venues and the nightlife!

We don’t want to paint the wrong picture of the Entertainment Capital of the World. You can do Las Vegas on a budget. You really can – but that’s for another blog!

Back to basics! Most the clubs have a dress code. In general – no baggy jeans, no baseball caps, no shorts, cutoffs, jerseys, T-Shirts (Though some of the clubs are being more lenient. It’s best to check with the specizc club you
want t party at!

Let’s get to it.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Rules are meant to be broken.” Las Vegas wants you to have a great time – and they want you to pay for it! If you’re a regular with family or friend connections at the club you can probably bend the rules a bit. If you’re a high roller you can break them! You can wear a Santa Claus suit in the middle of the summer!

One Las Vegas Club host told me a wild story. Firstly, for those that don’t know – a Vegas Club host’s job is to bring high rollers (Whales) into the club. One high roller he brought into the club was with his best friend celebrating his birthday and a party of other friends. The high roller got them settled then left to go hang out with a famous rapper. Before he left the club he gave is AMEX Black card to the club manager and told him to cut off his friends when they reach $750,000! That guy could have worn his birthday suit if he chose to!


Zouk female dj Las vegas nightclubs

Zouk Nightclub is a  remarkable experience offering amazing technology that transforms you through various environments. I won the Best of Las Vegas Award 2022. The 26,000 square feet experience can host 2100 people at a time. As of this writing Tiesto, Kaskade, Ludacris, G-EASY and others are scheduled to perform there. Check schedules but as of now Zouk’s hours of operation are 10:30pm – 4:00am.

Las vegas night cubs
XS sign concert Las vegas nightclubs

XS at the Wynn is a bit more subdued and often described as elegant. The venue surround Wynn’s European pool and delivers a chic excitement if you will. XS offers many areas within the club, each delivering a deep and colorful experience that enhances the senses.

Las vegas nightclubs

The Chainsmokers, David Guetta and other high-end DJ’s perform at the nightclub. During the summer months XS takes it out to the pool Sunday nights where you can enjoy being part of the Night Swim Party. If you’re interested, make sure you get there early because it’s really popular!

Ominia circle light Las vegas nightclubs

Caesars Palace offers OMNIA! It’s modern design and décor screams opulence. Butdon’t let this description mislead you. Omnia is a high energy dance phenomenon! You can wear yourself out dancing all night to some of the top DJ’s, bands and musicians in the world – or you can take a break and check out the rooftop garden overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. And believe me it’s a litany of vibrant neon lights highlighting many of the major properties. After rejuvenating yourself at the garden you might check out Omnia’s Hip Hop club within Omnia. Whatever mood you’re in Omnia delivers!

Hakkassan Wa nightclub las vegas

Hakkasan is a multilevel experience housed at the MGM Grand. The nightclub sits above the Hakkasan restaurant which offers a stellar atmosphere delivering EDM music. The place is 75,000 square feet! Hakkassan has hosted numerous top DJ’s like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and others. The nightclub features a huge dance floor, an outdoor garden bar and a wall-to wall high energy experience. On the third floor you’ll experience the Ling Ling Lounge, an Eastern motif that features hip-hop and Top 40 music. Hakkasan pretty much has something for everyone in terms of music. In terms of environment – it’s tough to beat!

Las vegas nightclubs

And, if you’re loaded Hakkassan will be pleased to serve you a glass of Macallan 1950, a very rare single malt whiskey which is pretty hard to come by. Many consider it one of the best spirits on the planet. It has been aged for 52 years. Cost: $1,330!!!

In closing, there are numerous fantastic nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip. Pretty much something for anyone. If your net worth is in good shape you can handle it. As for the rest of you save your pennies and dollars to experience a great night of fantastic memories!

We’ll do a Part 2 in the near future highlighting some of the other high-end nightclubs featured in the Entertainment Capitol of the World.

Las Vegas!

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