Our Story

Las Vegas Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

The City of Las Vegas was founded May 15, 1905.  Since then, the city has undergone many changes, reinventions, trials, tribulations and eventually becoming the entertainment capital of the world!

Give Me Las Vegas is committed to giving our audiences the most up to date information and entertainment possible.  Whether it be what stars are being featured on the Strip to what’s going on behind the scenes.

Stay tuned because if you’re one of the 42M people visiting from around the world or just love the city that never sleeps we got you covered!

What we do?

What we do and have done from the beginning is strive to bring the wonder and excitement of Las Vegas to you through our website and social media.  Whether it’s an exhibit at MGM or an event at the Las Vegas Speedway!

Las Vegas continues to evolve as it has done from the city’s inception.  We try to cover it all and peak into the future when possible…