When it’s hot it’s hot!

Temperatures in Las Vegas during the Summer season can be toasty! 100-115 degrees is not uncommon. So, you can stay cool in the casinos and resorts or you could get wet in one of the eye-popping Las Vegas Pool Parties!! In general, the Las Vegas Pool Season starts in March and ends in early September.

Trust me you’ve never been to a pool party like the numerous pool parties on Las Vegas Boulevard!

Like everything else in Vegas that tends to be over the top – what could be exciting is other worldly when it comes to Las Vegas pool parties! And there are many of them to experience! We’re only going to cover a handful in this blog. At a later date we might cover others in a Part 2.

If you’re interested in experiencing a Vegas pool party you’ll be treated to great music, entertainment, exotic drinks and lots of “eye candy” – which is plentiful no matter your personal taste – your senses will be tingling!


The following list of Las Vegas Pool Parties will give you a pretty good overview of what they offer – so you can choose which one “tickles your fancy!”

We’ll start with Mandaly Bay’s Daylight Beach Club. Our choice to start with Daylight is 100% random. We’re not saying it’s the best. It just might be best for you. One of the others on the list may be someone else’s pick. Again, no Las Vegas Pool Party is the same! And, none are lackluster!

The Mandaly Bay’s Daylight Beach Club is 50,000 square feet in size. Its pool is 5,000 square feet. The Beach Club features about 70 daybeds, 25 cabanas and several massive LED screens that add to the energy. Oh, did I mention it also offers a fantastic wave pool! Pretty cool – being in the middle of the desert where you can body surf some waves!

daylight beach club las vegas pool parties

Cabanas and daybeds are available, but we suggest you get there early because it fills up quickly. Of course, you can keep yourself busy and intrigued by just interacting with the myriad of “eye candy” that’s always present!

You can have lots of fun at the Daylight Beach Club Friday thru Sunday during the summer season. I should note that this pool party is exclusive for guests staying at the property. Mandaly Bay’s Daylight Beach Club does not offer day passes for sale! So, if you’re interested in experiencing this energetic scenario – start making your reservation!

Moving right along we have another pool party that is a little more on the chic side… and a bit risqué. Bare at the Mirage is a “topless option” pool scene.
The 14,000 square feet pool area is a somewhat private area for discerning folks. The atmosphere is soothing and something you just might want to experience… at least once.

Bare provides a fullservice bar, numerous big screen TVs, chaise lounges, day beds, cabanas and sumptuous scenery. To be more specizc with the description, Bare is a more mellow option than the other pool parties. So, if you’re a more discerning person who wants to experience the Las Vegas pool scene without huge crowds and kinetic music, dancing and lots of alcohol induced raging Bare would be a good choice

It’s a beautiful setting for those that want to chill out a bit. That’s not to say it’s uninspiring. Bare provides guests entertainment with various DJ’s and musicians and an all-around good vibe. On Mondays Bare does something interesting. It offers an industry party for all the local worker bees on the Strip!

Now, if you’re looking for an ultimate party – you’ve found the right place at the Encore Beach Club located in the Encore hotel. There’s no other way to say it – the Encore Beach Club rocks! This 60,000 square feet luxurious assault on your senses is always happening.

Even without a famous DJ the Encore Beach Club is an intense scene. If you’re a party animal or someone that likes to experience different, unique scenes you won’t be disappointed.

Encore Beach Club

Even without a famous DJ the Encore Beach Club is an intense scene. If you’re a party animal or someone that likes to experience different, unique scenes you won’t be disappointed.

Always check the schedule because on any given pool party day you might catch the Chain Smokers, David Guetta, Kygo or some other hot DJ ramping up the tunes!

If you really have a lot of stamina you can party all day at the Encore Beach Club with hundreds of other party animals, hot bottle girls, cabana parties and never-ending rocking music…

Encore bottle girls las vegas pool parties

After dark EBC opens up to the Surrender nightclub. You guessed it – more great music, atmosphere, dancing and lots of “creatures of the night”!
And, if you’re really ambitious you can get back in the amazing pool for a late-night swim! You never know what the late night brings…

Remember, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

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