Cheer Choice Awards 2023


Cheer Choice Awards 2023

Sometimes, it takes just one person to spark a movement. In 2020, a young woman named Danielle Claudio was that spark when she wanted to help a few families in need during the Christmas holidays… which she did. Not satis ed, Danielle went on social media to see if there were other families that needed help. There were!

The campaign was called Spread The Cheer 2020. Within two weeks, over $12,000 was raised and 20 families across15 states were surprised in person with much needed assistance and cheer! Talk about making a difference!

Spread The Cheer USA was created shortly after and registered as a 501c3. Danielle and her growing team of supporters were off to the races… helping more and more of those in need – adding a personal touch.

Fast forward a couple of years as COVID nearly destroyed the world, economies attened out, unemployment raged, children weren’t allowed to attend school and things looked bleak in every direction – Spread The Cheer continued on…

It wasn’t easy but Danielle and her team persevered.

Give Me Las Vegas is in the business of covering lots of exciting, fun, fascinating, entertaining elements of Las Vegas with the world! We’ve covered a lot of shows, exhibits, attractions and events in Las Vegas. It’s our job and pleasure!

I’m just going to come out and say it. In a world that seems to becoming more divisive, negative, distressing, polarized and agonizing for many the Spread the Cheer Awards brought me joy! Lots of it!

I’m so happy to have witnessed the show and experienced the love!

I was moved. I was emotional throughout the evening to see and experience such positive vibes, true friendships and comradery throughout the entire audience.

The event was a light, a shining light in the otherwise darkness that unfortunately encompasses much of our world today.

You see, in order to be nominated for the prestigious award the Criteria is you have to be an influencer working every day to bring joy and positivity to the world. Whatever category you’re
in from cooking to animal care to rst responders the criteria to be nominated is you must be focused on making a positive difference!

What a breath of fresh air the evening was at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Resort.

The live video was masterfully produced by Kent Speakman and his Knekt team.

The streaming platform utilized to broadcast globally was Katapy. The streamer allowed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to experience the amazing, positive event!

One thing is for certain. If the Cheer Choice Awards are held in Las Vegas next year – I’ll be there. And if you want to experience a night of wonder you will be, too!


“Our Mission is to bring people together from all across the country, working as one, to help those in need. Together we can bring about positive change by helping provide life changing needs for children and families in desperate
need during the holiday seasons and beyond.”

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